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I'm the center of attention

in the walls inside my head

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(not) driving, 101 dalmations, 80's music, acoustic, alanis morrisette, alcohol, apples, astrology, bananas, beautiful people, beer, being cool, being gangsta, being spoiled, bergen county, billy joel, birkenstocks, bon jovi, booze, boys, british boys, bruce springsteen, burberry, burts bees, chai tea lattes, chip and dale, chris martin, christmas, coffee, coldplay, collars popped, counting crows, crosby stills and nash, crying, cute boys, dean & delucca, degrassi, dispatch, donnie darko, drop dead fred, drugs, eagle eye cherry, elliott smith, enemy at the gates, eric clapton, expensive things, felicity, flip flops, frank sinatra, gaelic, garden state, george w. bush, getting mail, ginger ale, golf, gossip, green eyes, growing pains, gum, guster, gwenyth paltrow, hugging, iced tea, irish, j. crew, jack johnson, jake gylenhaal, jcrew, jethro tull, jimi hendrix, john mayer, jude, jude law, junk food, keri russell, kissing, lacrosse, led zepplin, lilly pulitzer, lust, madras, making out, mary-kate and ashley, mickey mouse club, movies, mrs. doubtfire, music, my so called life, napping, new jersey, north face, nyc, oasis, partying, paul simon, pearls, polo shirts, preppy guys, preps, pretty people, queen, radiohead, rainbow stripes, ralph lauren, reading, ribbon belts, rich kids, rock and roll, rome, rooney, saved by the bell, shots, simon and garfunkel, sleeping, soccer boys, socially inept boys, stephen kellogg, strawberry shortcake, super troopers, swimming, talking, tans, tattoos, the 80's, the beatles, the care bears, the cranberries, the dead poets society, the greatful dead, the killers, the little mermaid, the mets, the newsies, the o.c., the royal tenenbaums, the smiths, the wallflowers, trainspotting, tweed, u2, vera bradley, vermont, wilco, wyckoff, yeah yeah yeahs, young republicans, zach morris